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ABOUT Hot Shot Recruiting 

Hot Shot Recruiting strives to be a preferred recruiting partner for small-medium businesses. As a business owner or representative, you may be hesitant to work with a recruiting agency. Sometimes this is due to unfamiliarity, or it may be due to the prices associated with many recruiting firms. 

Hot Shot offers businesses years of HR experience that can be leveraged to assist them with their recruiting efforts. Further, our pricing model offers savings when compared to some firms that charge phenomenal fee's for services.

We understand the dilemma of having limited time, resources, or expertise to fill one or multiple key roles. Let us take some of the burden off of you! We have been able to successfully assist businesses ranging from less than 7 employees and up.


Quality Recruiting for Professional Roles

We offer recruiting services for a variety of professional roles in several industries. Such roles include, but are not limited to:

Human Resources  |  Heavy Equipment  |  Engineering (Electrical, Automation, Civil, and Mechanical)  |  Information Technology  | Others

Recruiting can be a difficult & timely task, but finding the right people is of primary importance to your business. When you partner with Hot Shot Recruiting Solutions, we will work closely with you to establish the ideal candidate profile as well as gather information about your company. After this initial phase is completed, we will engage in a targeted recruiting effort to find candidates that closely align to your specifications.


With offices in both Phoenix AZ and Rochester NY we have capabilities to recruit  TOP TALENT nationwide!

Contact us today for a free phone consultation to discuss how we may help you!

 1+ (602) 451-0607




When finding that new career there is no one better to help than Hot Shot Recruiting Solutions. They pinpointed an opportunity that not only fit me perfect but fit my new company as well. My recruiter was there every step along the way as well as follow up after starting to make sure everything was as described. When looking or approaching new career opportunities I recommend Hot Shot's 100% for your next venture!


I had basically given up on recruiters due to a lack of multiple agencies dropping the communications ball. Then while not even actively looking I notice a post from Hot Shot's that initially seems like what I been looking for.  They told me ballpark wage offer that was surprisingly accurate so that nobody is wasting any valuable time. I, as of the time writing this, have been employed at this new company for a month. My recruiter has followed up with me to make sure the job is working out for me. Anyone struggling to find a good candidate or a job that is worth staying at for a few years; should give Hot Shot Recruiting a chance. Think about it this way, you probably already spent more time reading reviews than it would have taken to send them a message with your aspirations


Recently Hot Shots contacted me regarding a Service Management position they were recruiting for. During the process of phone and in person interviews, Hot Shots's diligently stayed in contact with me on a weekly if not daily basis. Their professionalism and sense of urgency was a nice added feature of the agency. Kelly, the owner, is an excellent leader and very well known in the industry at both providing well qualified candidates, but also working with the best of the best companies she recruits for.